Exclusive Investment Option

Shop via the Exclusive Rewards cashback portal and allow your cashback balance to increase with each purchase made. Once you have accrued the minimum amount of £10.00 cashback you will be presented with the choice to opt into our Investment Account package, if selected, your investment account will now be opened and all future cashback will automatically be transferred into your investment account. Your investment can be withdrawn at any point with no transaction fees.

Investment Account Requirements

To open an Exclusive Investment Account, we need your national insurance number. This is an automatic process, once you have provided this and accrued the minimum £10.00 cashback required, your Exclusive Investment Account will be opened within a few days.

Investment Boost

Boost your account with our £10.00 Investment Boost feature (plus a £1.00 one off admin fee) which allows you to start investing immediately. All future cashback will automatically be transferred increasing your investment account.

Why Invest?

What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is defined as a range of investments held by a person. Start or increase your portfolio today with an Exclusive Investment Account by shopping as normal via your Exclusive Rewards Cashback Account.

Performance of an Exclusive Investment Account

Our results speak for themselves. Over the past 5 years we can proudly show a 29.39% growth on investment, with our trading and risk assessment team. You are in the right hands when it comes to your investment and we will endeavour to continue this level of growth of almost 6% per year! Start your investment journey today and remember, unlike some investment accounts you will have the freedom to access your money whenever you need.

Past performance is not a guide to future returns and the value of investments and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested.

Is it Fun?

Your portfolio dashboard comes with real-time tracking, portfolio valuations, performance management, details of asset exposure and in-depth analysis of investments, allowing you to see the reasoning behind why each trade was executed.

Who Looks After Your Investment?

Your investment is being looked after by TAM Asset Management, a London-based Investment Management service. TAM’s company roots can be traced back to the 1930’s and today is majority owned by their management team of experienced investment and operations professionals who believe that every investor should have access to actively managed, diversified, transparent investment portfolios, regardless of their level of wealth. Their award-winning investment team have the depth of knowledge and understanding needed to quickly respond to ever-changing market and regulatory conditions, so you can rest assured your wealth is in capable hands.

TAM Asset Management’s entire portfolio service has been designed and developed to provide clients peace of mind in relation to key portfolio fundamentals: Accessibility, security, liquidity, flexibility, risk management, diversification, performance and transparency.

Who Looks After Your Money?

TAM Asset Management take the security of their clients investment as paramount, this is why TAM do not hold money directly and instead is held on TAM’s behalf with their custodian – Pershing Securities Limited, who are part of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), one of the world’s largest and strongest financial institutions. Pershing have been providing such services since 1939 and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How is Exclusive Investment Different?

Choice and Automation

The choice is always in your hands. Use Exclusive Rewards as an ordinary standard cashback account and withdrawn your cashback at any time (minimum of £10.00) or opt into our Investment Account programme, the choice is completely up to you. If you opt into the investment programme, once your investment account is opened all future cashback earned will be automatically transferred, gradually increasing your portfolio over time.

Micro Trading and Accessibility

Open your Exclusive Investment Account with as little as £10.00 and from this point on any cashback received will be transferred directly into your Investment Account with no minimum amount required. Your investment can be withdrawn at any point with no transaction fees. After you have withdrawn your money, all future cashback received will still be directed to your Exclusive Investment Account.


We believe in being honest, fair and transparent throughout your investment journey. In line with these values please find a breakdown of the fees below. These fees cover all trading costs.

Annual Fund Provider Costs
Annual Exclusive Admin Charge
Account Boost (Optional)
£1.00 one off admin fee

Invest in Your Future by Shopping Today

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