For Businesses

Exclusive Rewards has arrived to revolutionise the employee benefit and customer loyalty scheme industries by creating an industry-leading rewards platform that combines cashback and discounts with a managed investment account. Account holders invest in their future by shopping today.

Partnered with TAM Asset Management to manage client's investment accounts, Exclusive Rewards makes investment easy for the everyday individual, and with no personal cash outlay required.

With cashback and discount deals from over 4,000 top retailers across the UK, Exclusive Rewards offer a competitive cashback system that feeds into client's investment accounts automatically (if this option is selected), investing their cashback to make their savings go even further and encouraging them to save for the future.

How Does it Work?

  1. New members sign up with their free code provided to them by their introducer.
  2. A member would now log in to their account and select their desired retailer they wish to shop with.
  3. Once a member has clicked the retailer cashback button and has been redirected to the retailer's website, they would simply shop as normal and the cashback will be applied to their Exclusive Rewards account
  4. Upon reaching a balance of £10.00 in their cashback account, members can make a withdrawal, or we will transfer their money to their selected investment account. Alternatively, you can activate your investment account by depositing £10.00 at any time to start saving straight away.
  5. The investment account will be traded on markets and has a dashboard where the member/investor can log on and see how their invested cashback is performing.
  6. We are using the Balanced approach with TAM Asset Management which has achieved profits of 29.39% over the 5 years up to 30th September 2019.
  7. Money is accessible at any point, via the withdrawal button on their cashback account.
  8. Money is sent back to the customer but as their investment account is already open, any cashback received in the future goes direct to the investment account without requiring the £10.00 start off balance

Why choose Exclusive Rewards?

For Employers

Employee Benefits

Happy employees are productive employees, and happiness comes from job satisfaction. Whilst many factors effect job satisfaction, more than a third of employees admit employee benefits are amongst their top consideration when accepting a new job.

Exclusive Rewards is the perfect addition to any employee benefits scheme, offering both short-term savings to help them financially today, and long-term investment to help them financially in the future. Invest in your employees by investing in their future; gift them their free Exclusive Rewards account.

For Businesses

Customer Rewards

If customer retention is amongst your list of priorities, a customer reward scheme is essential. Gift a personal Exclusive Rewards account to each of your loyal customers, offering them extensive savings, cashback deals and an easy to use investment account for using your services or product. Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty will follow.

Corporate Partner Options

Gift your customers and/or employees your choice of membership:

  • Free Membership Account (Members have the option to upgrade themselves).
  • Upgraded Diamond Membership Account
  • White Label Site
  • White Label Site with Upgraded Diamond Memberships

Remember, an Exclusive Rewards account can be operated as a conventional cashback account or can be connected to our investment account option. This is the personal choice of the individual user and can be selected when opening their Exclusive Rewards account.

Account Holder Benefits

Free Account

Enjoy all the benefits of your Exclusive Rewards account for free, for life. Or why not upgrade to our Diamond membership for just £14.99 to access higher cashback rates and incredible high street and leisure discounts that will save you hundreds of pounds per year.

Complete Flexibility, 24/7 Dashboard

Use the 24/7 dashboard to see where your cashback is currently invested. Withdraw your cash whenever you want or you can even top it up with your own money using our optional boost your investment feature.

Multiply Your Savings

Our Exclusive Rewards investment account could generate 6% profit per year, compared to an average of just 0.83% interest on a conventional deposit account.

Over 4000 Retailers

Claim exclusive cashback and discounts from over 4000 favourite retailers.

Diamond Membership Upgrade


Click here to contact the Exclusive Rewards Team to find out more and discuss your options.

Invest in Your Future by Shopping Today

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