For Consumers

Exclusive Rewards is a personal cashback and investment account that helps you invest in your future. You have access to exclusive top cashback and discount deals from over 4,000 retailers, as well as your own personal investment account where all the cashback you receive will be automatically (if this option is chosen) invested for you to top up your earnings!

How Does it Work?

  • Your account gives you access to deals from over 4,000 retailers. Every time you shop online, purchase your items through your Exclusive account to claim your cashback and discounts.
  • If the investment account option is chosen and upon reaching a balance of £10.00 in the cashback account, we will start sending your cashback to your personal investment account where it will be automatically invested on your behalf.
  • Log in to your dashboard to see where your cashback is currently invested, top up your account or make a withdrawal.
  • Your cashback and profits will continue to be reinvested until you decide to withdraw your cash and claim your profits.

Invest in Your Future by Shopping Today

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