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We are covering over 200 different brands and over 5000 products at one place. From Computer Components, Cables, Networking Cable and Office supply.

The IT and Technology world has progressed in astounding leaps and bounds over the past twenty years and, having started the company in 1990 with

the faintest rumblings of the great Silicon Valley revolution on the horizon, SmartTeck had to continuously adapt to growing demand and never-ending technological advances. However, with the evolving technology, SmartTeck was provided with new ways to provide excellent customer service and the latest products at competitive prices. It is testament to the SmartTeck management team that they were able to take us across from the realm of the real to the online world, to leave behind the postal orders and start our journey on the internet superhighway.

Up to 1.4% Cashback

Up to 1.4% Cashback

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